Christ, Christos, Krishna! Jesus Is Our Guru!

Christ, Christos, Krishna! Jesus Is Our Guru! Just as there is one sun, referred to with different utterances based on the language one speaks, God is also known by many different names. This is a very simple common sense principle. It underlies the concept shared by all pious individuals in the form of, “Love your… Continue Reading

Pre-Thanksgiving Realizations

Pre-Thanksgiving Tofu Turkey Vegetarian Gathering! This is the time of the year where the bad habits of our fellow citizens take front and center stage due to the holiday season. Slowly more individuals are beginning to understand how destructive a carnivorous diet is to our physical body, our collective social consciousness and the earth we… Continue Reading

Seven Days Till Death

Seven Days Till Death! Thanatophobia is a clinical term that refers to those who have an abnormal fear of death. The Western world doesn’t offer any reliable information about what actually happens after a person takes their last breath, so, because it is such a topic filled with so much mystery, it’s understandable why people… Continue Reading

Lord Ramas Victory over Ravana

Win! “Bhagavad Gita As It Is” at Ojai Days October 15! Look for the huge red and yellow canopy right next to the colorful street mandala. (Between the post office and the once-was theater.) That is where you will find a wealth of resources made available to the community by the American Vedic Association! One… Continue Reading